30 something…

This is going to be long – hang in there.

After writing a bit of word vomit over at Skates&Sneakers that relate to my non-fitness/parent life, I decided it was time to narrow my focus.  I’m unhappy in my career life – so much, in fact, that I am currently unemployed and spending a bit of time trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  That’s difficult though, right?  I went to college, got the bachelors in neuroscience (still unsure of how I wanted to use it, however), and spent 5 years looking for fulfilling science work.  During my 5 year hunt for work in a science field I gave up and went back to school for a terminal, technical degree (I can’t recommend them enough, actually – more on that in another post).  I thought I could be successful and thrive as a medical lab technician (MLT).  They’re the hospital professionals responsible for testing your bodily samples whenever you get testing completed.  To be honest, I was successful.  I was acing the courses and the lab competencies (practicals) and I was engaged!  Then, husband got a new job in Boston.  Being that suburban Philadelphia isn’t a commutable distance to Boston – I left the program to start a new life in Boston.  While I tried to pick the MLT training back up, the programs there were too far away and not up to the standard that I had just come from. With that, MLT went on hold.  It wasn’t until we moved back to PA and my daughter was 6 months old before I got a real-life science job.

In 2015 I was hired as a lab manager/researcher for a start up lab in the city.  The job was academic, managerial, “science-y”, and sadly a 1-1.5  hour commute each way.  With a new baby quickly approaching toddlerhood I knew I couldn’t sustain that commute.  Sadly, I parted ways just 10 months later.  Conveniently, I was hired by a contract company to join an industry/pharmaceutical closer to home (only 45 minutes each way).  The pay was better, the commute was better, but the flexibility was worse.  Last minute overnight shifts, weekend work, and a corporate culture of being seen vs. time off was too much for me to handle for a number of reasons.  I was recently tipped off to a position that would’ve put me back into academia and management but, unfortunately, I wasn’t hired for said position.  Academic lab management positions are few and far between and its really a stroke of luck to land one sometimes.  From there, I took a few coffee jobs but between old shoulder injuries and a need to work with more purpose for myself and my family I left those as well.

My problem has a few root causes, many of them fixable with time and effort, but many of them are out of my control.
Mind Map


Of course the mind map above isn’t exhaustive but its a way to get started.  I will be working on blog posts over the next week that address each of the four main categories that I need to work through.
1. Too many interests
2. Obstacles
3. Needs
4. Anxiety

If you’re going through something similar or have any great resources to share, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment or email to ginandlimetonicblog@gmail.com.


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